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Roof replacements

Roof Replacement And Installation Have Never Been This Stress-Free

If you own a home in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, you are just a phone call away from high-quality roof replacement services. With our professional roofers, we wish to assist every individual in the surrounding regions in building the solid house of their dreams.

We recognize that your roof serves another important purpose than providing exterior protection. It also has an impact on the overall appearance and feel of your home. With a solid roof, your property is ready for inclement weather and elements. With our assistance, you will have a completely new roof installed quickly.

Aside from replacement, we also offer professional roof installation. If you’re looking for an excellent service provider, then go no further than our company. Our installation services guarantee a long-lasting roof. We utilize the finest materials to provide you with a beautiful top that can resist the most challenging circumstances.

Types Of Roofing That We Offer


Shingle is one of the most common residential roofing materials. Shingles are flat, rectangular pieces of asphalt, composite, or other material that are laid from the roof’s base upwards and often overlap to ensure complete coverage. Asphalt shingles are an excellent option for your house due to their inexpensive initial cost. Our shingle services guarantee that your roof is both attractive and functional. We utilize the finest materials to keep your home looking good for many years.


Not as common as asphalt shingles, metal roofs can be quite durable when the right material is installed properly.  Let us help you make the decision on what is right for your needs. 

Rubber (EPDM)

EPDM is the abbreviation of “ethylene propylene diene monomer,” which is the full chemical name of EPDM rubber. It is a long-lasting, waterproof, elastomeric, highly flexible synthetic rubber that works well as a single-ply roofing material.

Cedar Shake

Cedar Shake is wood roofing made from split logs of cedar trees. It is thicker than shingles and has a rough, textured surface. They are one of the top picks of homeowners who want a natural and rustic look for their haven.
Rely on us now for complete satisfaction with your roof replacement and installation needs.

Your Go-To Roof Repair Service Provider

Did you notice something unusual with your roof, like leaks or missing shingles? Are you hesitant to entrust your roof repair to just anybody? That’s where our dependable roofing contractor comes in.

Contact Jalette Contracting, a licensed and insured company, for budget-friendly services. We have the equipment, abilities, and knowledge to diagnose roofing issues and create a plan to properly repair them. Whether you are unsure if your roof requires repairs or if you have spotted damage with your own eyes, our free residential inspection is the solution for you. We will guarantee that your roof is well-maintained, and we are confident that you will be pleased with the results.

Other good news is, every shingle roofing comes with a 15-year craftsmanship guarantee.

Signs You Need a Roof Repair

  • Curled shingles
  • Ponding
  • Leaks
  • Missing shingles

You can trust our team of qualified professionals when it comes to roof repairs of any kind. For over three decades, residents have relied on our expertise, ability, and compassionate customer service. We would be pleased to let you experience these services. We even provide free inspections and quotations before beginning any work.

Let us help you with your roof and roof vents needs! Contact one of our agents right now.

roof ice dam

Never Underestimate The Savings From Roof Maintenance

At Jalette Roofing and Contracting, we use high quality materials that are backed with industry leading warranties.  However, due to the extreme conditions in our climate here in New England, steps need to be taken to ensure the longevity of these products.  

The first step is proper installation.  We’ve got you covered there because our expert team of roofers have college certified level training and utilize the most current methods to ensure the highest quality results.  However, despite even our best efforts, mother nature can take a toll on a roof and a little bit of maintenance can go a long way in saving you time and money.  

Ice Dams:  Here in the Northeast, the cycle of freezing and thawing can lead to a build up of ice at the edge of the roof.  Those long icicles may look like a festive, seasonal adornment but in reality they are a heaving burden waiting to come crashing down, pulling the gutters and other parts of the home down with it.  And much like the tip of an iceberg, the part you can’t see is more dangerous.  Up the roof behind the dam the water pools up and as it freezes, the ice can lift and damage shingles, underlayment and even expose the roof decking material.  All this can lead to water damage inside the home. To avoid this, after a heavy snowfall you can quickly clean off the edge of your roof and gutters with a roof rake.  If that is not possible, then a professional should be called the clear out ice buildup before it becomes a problem.

Roof Cleaning: As water travels down your roof, it normally does a pretty good job of keeping it clean as long as it keeps moving.  The slope of the roof has a lot to do with this.  The steeper the roof, the faster the water runs off, but when the roof is flat or has a more gentle slope, water may not adequately run off or could pool altogether.  The combination of moisture and organic materials can encourage things to grow like moss, algae or lichen.  This is especially problematic for areas of the roof that get a lot of shade, such as the north side of the home or by objects like trees.  To ensure that this growth doesn’t degrade the roofing materials, regular inspections and cleanings should be performed.  Care must be taken to not damage the shingles with heavy abrasive brushes or high powered pressure washers so it’s recommended to hire a professional service.

Your roof is an important part of the structure and security of your home.  It’s also a large investment.  So to ensure that investment pays you back for the 20+ years our high quality materials claim, protecting that investment with some regular maintenance is critical.  Contact us anytime if you have questions about your next roof, or how to protect your current one.