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We Are An Outstanding Gutter And Roofing Contractor Cumberland RI

Gutter and roofing services are needed to keep your drainage system in good condition. We will help you avoid water damage to your home’s foundation, walls, and ceilings with properly functioning gutters and a well-maintained roof. We can also safeguard the structural integrity of your house, improve energy efficiency, and preserve the value of your property. Our reliable maintenance and repair may prolong the life of your investment and save you money on energy costs. Working with us will guarantee that your house is protected from the elements and will last for a long time.

When you call our Roofing Contractor Cumberland RI, you can rest easy knowing that you will be treated as a VIP and part of our family. With our roof and gutter services, we aim to help you enhance the beauty of your house to the next level. To assure your satisfaction, we always use materials of the finest quality. We have a wide range of services, whether you want to construct asphalt shingles, EPDM, or cedar shake.

Shingles are composed of fiberglass or organic materials that have been covered with asphalt and granules. They are inexpensive, simple to install, and available in a number of colors and styles.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing material that is often used on flat roofs. It is highly resistant to weathering, and UV radiation is simple to install and maintain and has a 50-year lifespan.

Cedar shake is a natural roofing product made from cedar wood. It has a rustic, natural appearance, is inherently pest and rot-resistant, and may endure up to 30 years.

Our Roofing Contractor Cumberland RI is licensed and insured. We will never compromise the integrity of your property. We make sure that you’ll be more than pleased with the outcomes.

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Stress-Free And Budget Friendly Roof Repair Cumberland

Are you looking for reliable roofing contractors Cumberland RI? Look no further than our excellent team at Jalette Contracting.

Our team has been serving the area for many years, providing top-quality roof repair Cumberland and maintenance services to homeowners just like you. We will be in charge of everything to provide a hassle-free and budget-friendly repair. Our company is committed to providing timely and cost-effective solutions to all your roofing needs.

From minor repairs to major replacements, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right. Our team of licensed and insured professionals use only top-grade quality materials and equipment to ensure your roof is restored to its optimal condition. We also offer emergency services to handle unexpected damage from storms, fallen trees, and other unforeseen events.

Allow us to ensure the safety and integrity of your home. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our roof repair Cumberland.


Keep your roof and gutters in good shape with regular maintenance from Jalette Contracting Inc. We have over 30 years of experience and are licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Time Efficient Roofing Repair Cumberland RI That You Can Trust

Are you experiencing issues with your roof? Whether it’s leaks, missing shingles, or other damages, we’ll help you get them fixed as soon as possible.

We know you can do so many things, but if roofing is not your forte, that’s where Jalette Contracting comes in—we’re your go-to experts in roofing repair Cumberland RI!

We provide a variety of home services for roofing repair Cumberland RI. We always act swiftly because we know the importance of your roof since it protects your house and family.

Our company can help you save time and money by combining roofing expertise, high-quality components and equipment, and a commitment to outstanding service. We will only leave the task once it is completed to your satisfaction.

In addition, we also provide hassle-free and quick gutter repair services. Our skilled staff has been delivering gutter repair for many years, and we are dedicated to making the process simple and stress-free for our clients.

We understand how precious your time is. That is why we provide various scheduling choices that fit your schedule. Just let us know when it is most convenient for you, and we will make sure to book your gutter repair service at that time.

Our Cumberland roofing crew works quickly and effectively to accomplish your gutter repairs. We understand that you want to return to your daily life, so we’ll work fast to repair your gutters.

Transparent communication is essential for project success. That’s why, throughout the gutter repair procedure, we’ll keep you updated, so you know precisely what’s going on and what to anticipate.

Contact us to set up your free consultation and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your home is in excellent hands.