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Builder-grade materials are cost-efficient while professional-grade materials are of a higher quality. The ratings of each reflect the quality. Learn more about different materials by contacting our roofing company today.

Yes, Jalette Contracting Inc. always recommends hiring a licensed professional. Without a license, roofing contractors are unable to obtain a permit, and pulling a permit will protect the client through the state.

Your roofing contractors should have general liability insurance to protect against damage that may occur to your property. They should also have workman’s comp insurance, which covers you from having to use your homeowner’s insurance to cover any accidents or injuries to personnel employed/hired by the contractor on the job.
It all depends on your location and the roofing materials used. For instance, according to Roof Advisor, metal roofs typically last between 50 and 75 years while asphalt shingles typically last between 15 and 30 years. Jalette Contracting Inc. recommends having your roof inspected by an experienced roofing company every other year once you’ve reached that 15-year mark to assess whether or not you’re due for a replacement.
Once the contract is signed, Jalette Contracting Inc. remains in contact throughout the roof replacement process and years after the job is done for any potential maintenance needs. Call us today to work with dedicated commercial and residential roofers who truly care about your property.
We recommend waiting for warmer weather because when you handle frozen shingles, it causes microfractures and decreases the overall lifespan of the roof (unless particular measures are taken). Call our roofing company to schedule your roof installation during a roofing-friendly time of year.
In most cases, a skylight cannot survive the longevity of two roof cycles. Jalette Contracting recommends replacing skylights during each full roof replacement. Call our roofing company today to learn more.
You don’t need to in all cases, but it is important to maintain proper attachment and flashing of the gutters. If you have more questions about how your gutter services are related to your roofing needs, call our roofing contractors today.


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